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Making A Case for High Quality Tea Instead of Coffee

July 9, 2015

Filed under: Oral Hygiene — lrfamily @ 9:48 am

High quality tea has been growing in popularity over the past 20 years, which is largely due to its previously unrecognized health benefits. However, did you know that high quality tea also has health benefits for your teeth in addition to overall health?

Tooth Benefits

Most teas, especially green teas, naturally contain catechins, which improve digestion, inhibit viral and bacterial infections, protect against oxidation in your brain and liver, and support healthy gums. Most teas also have significantly lower acidity levels than coffee – high levels of acidity in our bodies is detrimental and can lead to tooth and bone decay.

Just as there are multiple varieties of teas, 1500 give or take (not including herbal teas), there are a variety of benefits. White and green teas have a significantly lower possibility of staining your teeth, and most black teas have chemical properties that prevent plaque-building bacteria from sticking together as easily.

Additional Benefits

Tea also has additional health benefits that aren’t specific to your mouth, but will improve your overall health. There are even documented accounts that show consumption of tea reduces the risk of serious diseases and medical conditions such as: cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Green tea specifically has proven results that stimulates brain activity, making it easier for you to think. It can even help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.


Ultimately, tea has significantly higher dental and overall health benefits when compared to coffee. So while it isn’t terrible to have that coffee crave during the day, just exercise moderation and remember that tea is a healthy, tasty, and equally available alternative.

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