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Meet Your West Dental Team – Little Rock, AR

Your Smile’s New Best Friends

Every time you come to Little Rock Family Dental Care, our team will treat you so well that you’ll feel like you’re catching up with old friends! They’ll always greet you with a smile, check you in quickly, and have all the answers you need regarding your treatment and payment options. They are ready to change the way you feel about dentistry one smooth and relaxing appointment at a time. Read on below to learn more about the friendliest team in Little Rock!

Lauren, Office Manager

Lauren’s career in dentistry spans nearly 15 years so far, with most of that time spent right here at our dental office. She attended college at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. As our talented office manager, she goes above and beyond to help patients in need!

Lauren was actually raised by her grandma, who was born in 1925. Today, she feels like that experience gives her a different perspective on handling things in her daily life; she strongly believes in making short-term sacrifices for long-term goals. When she isn’t busy at the dental office, you can usually find her spending quality time with her large, loving family that’s mostly located here in Arkansas, fishing, gardening, cooking, doing yoga, and playing with her fur babies.

Karen, Financial Coordinator

Karen may be relatively new to our team, but she has been a part of the dental world for over two full decades so far. She studied at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and has undergone training through PTC Dental. Today, what she enjoys most about her role here is being able to form relationships with patients while also working in a field she genuinely loves!

At home, Karen has four daughters, as well as a Pit Bull and a bunny rabbit who are, strangely enough, best friends. In her free time, she enjoys playing softball, camping, and hanging out with her family.

Carly, Social Media Manager

Carly earned her Bachelor of Arts in Media Production (with a minor in photography) from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She also studied assisting at the Little Rock School of Dental Assisting. Today, she is our dedicated social media manager and really enjoys being able to work closely with Dr. Machen, who is her dad! Little Rock Family Dental Care has been in her life ever since she was old enough to talk; in fact, she used to sit in Rosetta’s (our receptionist) lap as a child and answer phones. 

At home, Carly has two cats named Finn and Gwen. When she isn’t busy at work, you can typically find her gardening, looking for antiques and oddities, practicing Muay Thai, and dabbling in photography and videography. She has a particular passion for creating medical documentaries and surreal art.

Paula, Business Assistant

Paula has been a member of our dental team for well over five years now, and she never gets tired of being able to help others! Throughout each day, she assists with various aspects of HR and business management to keep the inner workings running smoothly.

Paula’s family includes her partner Randy/Dr. Machen, her two daughters Kaitlin and Lexi, and her two stepdaughters Carly and Sophie. Away from work, her top priority is spending quality time at home with her loved ones.

Deirdre, Claims

Deirdre has been working in the dental field for nearly 15 years so far. She studied dental assisting in Flint, Michigan (her hometown); today, she is a trained Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions. What she enjoys most about being a part of Little Rock Family Dental Care is the wonderful teamwork that happens here!

Deirdre is a very proud mother of three and grandmother of five. When she has free time away from work, her top priority is traveling.

Toniell, Call Center

A Little Rock native, Toniell studied at the University of Arkansas. Today, she loves being able to help our patients by answering their questions and helping them feel at ease about upcoming visits.

At home, Toniell is the single parent of three boys and one girl. She is very family-oriented, and most of her free time is taken up by various functions and trips with the whole group in tow, including attending church and volunteering around the community. She also loves to swim and have picnics in the park whenever possible!

Misti, Dental Hygienist

Misti has been working in the dental field for well over two full decades, and she loves every patient she cares for! She chose to become a hygienist specifically because she always enjoyed her appointments as a child and likes being around other people. She has her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene and is an RDH.

Misti and her husband Kerry have two sons and a daughter, as well as an adorable baby grandson named Cohen! As a group, they love watching the kids play sports, going to the lake, and lounging at the beach. As for personal hobbies, she enjoys gardening, sitting outside, and traveling. She also started raising Dachshund puppies last year – they keep her very busy but she loves how fun and sweet they are!

Natalie, Dental Hygienist

Natalie completed her education at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Today, her oral healthcare career spans over 35 years! She goes above and beyond to build relationships with her patients while helping them smoothly navigate their dental needs.

Natalie and her husband Michael have been married for three full decades so far. They have two children named Paige and MJ, as well as a granddaughter named Alaia. The last member of their family is a dog named Roxy! Outside of working hours, she enjoys being a sports fanatic, shopping, and hanging out with her loved ones.

Julie, Dental Hygienist

Julie completed her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Today, she has been working in the field for over a full decade. As part of our team, she LOVES her patients! She’s been seeing most of them for several years now and always enjoys catching up while helping them maintain good oral health.

Julie is happily married and has three young children at home who are all very energetic – there’s rarely a dull moment! They also have two incredibly spoiled English Cream Retrievers. Away from work, she enjoys doing anything outdoors, such as hiking, snow/water skiing, running, and chasing the kids around. She also never misses an opportunity to take their photo; they’re pretty darn cute, although she might be biased. Additionally, she’s passionate about traveling (her favorite places are the American and Canadian Rockies), reading, and celebrating special occasions with loved ones. You can often find her listening to stand-up comedy too. Jim Gaffigan and Nate Bargatze are her favorites!

Lindsay, Dental Hygienist

Lindsay has been part of the Little Rock Family Dental Care team for over seven years now, and she really enjoys not only getting to know each patient but also seeing the younger children who come in and grow over time. She studied at both Arkansas State University and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, earning her RDH certification.

Away from the dental office, Lindsay is married to a farmer and has one daughter. She is originally from the McCrory area and absolutely loves the small-town life! As for personal hobbies, you can usually find her gardening or simply enjoying the outdoors.

Beth, Dental Hygienist

Beth’s dental career covers over 25 years so far. She attended college at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Today, what she loves most about being a hygienist is getting to take care of such wonderful patients day in and day out!

Beth’s family is currently spread throughout the Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas area. She does her best to spend quality time with them whenever possible. As for other hobbies, you can almost always find her outside when she isn’t busy at the dental office.

Jacquelyn, Dental Assistant

Jacquelyn has been working in dentistry for nearly 18 years now. Here at Little Rock Family Dental Care, she always goes the extra mile to help our patients have the most comfortable experience possible!

At home, Jacquelyn has her husband Chris and her daughters Kynlee, Makenzy, and Caydence. When she isn’t busy at work, her favorite hobbies include riding 4-wheelers, going to the beach, and (of course) spending quality time with family and friends. She’s also a very good cook – or at least that’s what everyone tells her.

Alicia, Dental Assistant

Alicia’s dental career spans nearly five years so far, and she always goes the extra mile to take good care of her patients, educating them about dental health and helping them feel comfortable in the treatment chair. After attending Pulaski Tech, she studied dental assisting at Eastern College.

Alicia hails from a big, loving, funny, and VERY competitive family. She gets her outgoing personality from them! When she isn’t busy at work, her favorite hobbies include baking and creating art with makeup.

Michelle, Dental Assistant

Michelle studied at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and she is certified in nitrous oxide and coronal polishing. Today, what she enjoys most about being part of our team is meeting new people! She takes good care of each patient who walks in the door – when they leave happy, it makes her happy too.

Michelle has a multicultural family that includes her spouse and two daughters named Lexxus and Alivia. Outside of working hours, you can typically find her reading or shopping. 

Sean, Dental Assistant

Sean studied at the University of Arkansas at Monticello and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Today, he has been working as a dental assistant for a full decade so far! He really enjoys that his job enables him to learn new things and expand his mind on a regular basis.

Sean and his better half Mary have two awesome boys at home named Gregory and Antonio. When he isn’t busy at work, his favorite hobbies are doing pretty much anything outdoors, traveling, and spending quality time with his family. He can also cook almost anything!

Joycelyn, Dental Assistant

Joycelyn has worked in oral healthcare for over eight years now, and there’s nothing she enjoys more than being able to help a patient get their beautiful smile back! She is always willing to go above and beyond for the people who come into the dental office. Originally from Memphis, she attended college at the University of Mississippi.

At home, Jocelyn has a daughter named Jada who is very smart and outgoing. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, reading, shopping, and spending quality time with loved ones. 

Fritz, Anesthesia Provider

Fritz works closely with Dr. Diorio to ensure that our patients have their pain and anxiety successfully relieved during even the most complex dental procedures. He is a CRNA with certifications in ACLS/PALS/BLS and has over 15 years of experience in dentistry so far. With him, you’re certainly in good hands.

Outside of the dental office, Fritz is happily married with two adult children. His favorite hobbies in his free time include playing golf and listening to music. Here’s an interesting fact about him: the first two times that he flew in an aircraft, the plane landed without a functional engine! 

Joe. Lab Technician

Joe has been a part of our dental office for a handful of years now, and he enjoys helping our patients stay safe and comfortable throughout each visit. Originally from Benton, he attended Arkansas State University for his college education.

Away from work, Joe is the youngest brother of a huge (10+) family! His personal hobbies include creating art, dabbling in a little Muay Thai, and dancing/singing whenever he gets the chance.