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Little Rock Family Dental Care Blog

Is Bariatric Surgery Effective for Treating Sleep Apnea?

May 23, 2023

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a medical condition that affects millions of people around the world. If you don’t treat it, the effects can be serious. Untreated sleep apnea can cause more than just a bad night’s sleep—it can also increase your risk of high blood pressure, pulmonary hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and sudden death.


What Are Denture Sores & How Are They Treated?

April 1, 2023

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a closeup of dentures in someone’s hands

Dentures are a tried-and-true solution for replacing missing teeth, and they’ve helped countless generations of patients with regaining their oral functionality and confidence. But as useful as they are, they can also unfortunately trigger discomfort that results in denture sores. Here’s a little more from your dentist about these sores and what you can do to alleviate your discomfort if you’re dealing with the issue; there’s no reason to endure them just to experience a complete and beautiful smile!


4 Reasons for Removing a Tooth that Doesn’t Hurt  

March 5, 2023

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a woman having her tooth removed

If you begin to experience severe tooth pain, it can begin to make you feel uneasy. Oftentimes, you may begin to wonder if your oral health issue is severe enough to require getting a tooth removed. If that’s the case, you usually won’t be surprised if your dentist informs you that it will be necessary. However, it can be shocking if you need a tooth extraction when you have been experiencing no discomfort. Unfortunately, there are some oral health issues that don’t cause pain until they become much more severe. Read on to learn about four reasons why you might need a tooth removed despite having a pain-free smile.


4 Reasons Why Drinking Water is Essential for Your Oral Health!

February 5, 2023

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a woman smiling and holding a glass of water

Water is the most essential liquid on Earth. Not only is 71% of the world’s surface covered by water, but around 60% of your body is also made up of water! Therefore, it only makes sense that staying hydrated is critical in keeping it in top condition. But did you know water also greatly benefits your oral health, too? Read on to learn four reasons why staying hydrated helps prevent dental issues and keeps your smile healthy!


A Dental Crown or a Filling: Which is Right for You?

January 5, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — lrfamily @ 7:17 am
A 3D illustration of a dental crown

If you suffer a cavity or other tooth damage, you should fix it soon. You’ll put your pearly white at risk otherwise. In particular, getting a crown or a filling would be a good idea. Both have the power to help weakened teeth! Still, you may not know which option is best. After all, just what is the difference between dental crowns and fillings? It’s a good thing, then, that your Little Rock dentist can help you make a good choice. Here is a summary, therefore, of these two procedures’ varying features.

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