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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Little Rock, AR

Fast Answers for Your Important Dental Questions

Our patients ask us interesting questions every day here at Little Rock Family Dental Care, and we love it! We like sharing our decades of dental experience so we can arm our patients with all the knowledge they need to take care of their smiles. Below, you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked dental questions, but if there is anything else you’d like to ask, give us a call anytime!

How often should I go to the dentist?

According to our team as well as the American Dental Association, the average person should visit the dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and cleaning, though some patients may benefit from more frequent appointments. We’ll let you know what’s best for you after you come to see us!

One of my teeth really hurts. What should I do?

Have you tried rinsing and flossing around the tooth? If it still hurts, then you should go ahead and give our dental office a call. Even minor dental pain could indicate a serious infection that will only get worse without treatment!

Is it normal for my gums to bleed every time I clean my teeth?

While this is a common symptom, it shouldn’t be happening! Use less pressure when brushing and flossing and switch to a soft-bristled brush if you don’t have one already. If the bleeding continues, then you likely have low-level gum disease, in which case you should come to see us so we can take care of it right away.

I’m afraid of the dentist. Can you help?

We do everything we can to help our patients feel comfortable during their appointments, and if you or your child experience dental-related anxiety, we can make it disappear thanks to sedation dentistry. Just give us a call to discuss your options, and we guarantee you’ll have a relaxing appointment!

How long will it take to fix my tooth?

For a minor cavity, we can probably repair it in a single appointment using a tooth-colored filling, and unlike most other dental offices, we can place a dental crown in a single appointment as well using E4D technology. More complicated cases may require multiple visits, however, and we can give you a more definitive timeline when you come to see us in person.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency outside of regular hours?

Little Rock Family Dental Care actually offers special, after-hours emergency care for patients in need. So, if you require immediate help with an urgent dental problem, go ahead and give us a call, and we’ll make sure to see you as soon as possible.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Most likely yes! Little Rock Family Dental Care is able to accept plans from many popular PPO providers, and you can learn more about how we can use your specific benefits by giving us a call today.