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Reasons to Choose Sedation Dentistry

May 24, 2017

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Sedation dentistry, which involves the use of sedation to ease along a dental treatment, is used by many different people of different ages and for a variety of reasons.

Sedation dentistry can range from the use of nitrous oxide in which patients are awake and able to respond but are in a deep state of relaxation, to general anesthetics used to put patients fully to sleep. Procedures like fillings, bridges, crowns, extractions, root canals, and cosmetic procedures often require the use of some sort of sedation. It is a very common method of dentistry, and there are many reasons to ask your dentist about whether it is right for you.

Reasons to Choose Sedation Dentistry

Reduces anxiety during dental visits

According to WebMD, there are an estimated 9% to 20% of Americans who avoid going to the dentist because of fear and anxiety. This can be because of a bad dental experience in their past or because they want to avoid the discomfort of not having control. Whatever it is, there is no age limit for the fear of going to the dentist. It affects both children and adults and can be very serious if it prevents them from getting the treatment they need before a problem worsens. Sedation dentistry helps to reduce that anxiety, making that trip to the dentist much easier to schedule.

Decreases any pain or discomfort you might feel

Many dental procedures that might be more involved require some sort of sedation so that you feel virtually no pain while the dentist works. But for some people, even a routine checkup that does not require sedation can be a source of discomfort that they want to avoid entirely. For people with a low tolerance for pain, sedation dentistry helps take away any reluctance you might have due to the fear of pain. The dentist will put you in a deep state of relaxation where you can still respond and be aware of what’s going on around you but you won’t feel a thing!

Helps you overcome certain sensitivities

Perhaps you don’t mind any discomfort but you do have certain sensitivities that make your appointment not just hard on you, but on the dentist. For instance, some people may have a strong gag reflex that prevents the professional from sticking the necessary tools into their mouth. Perhaps you have very sensitive teeth and gums that make you immediately and involuntarily want to close your mouth if instruments go near them. Also, you could experience nausea when encountering the smells of the dentist office. Whatever sensitivity to touch or smell you have, sedation dentistry can put you in a state of euphoria that helps you overcome them.

Assists during long procedures

Certain dental procedures are complex and can require multiple visits. However, sometimes the dentist can get the job done in a few longer visits. This is where sedation dentistry is helpful in long procedures! Being sedated will relax your muscles or even make you sleep through the entire lengthy process, making hours seem like only minutes.

Additionally, sometimes it does not matter how long the process is. Maybe the patient simply can’t sit still for an extended period of time. Sedation dentistry can help those individuals by calming their restlessness enough for the dentist can complete the procedure

Contact Our Sedation Dentists in Little Rock

If any of these reasons should apply to you, contact our trained and friendly staff at Little Rock Family Dental. We can help you have a more relaxed, euphoric experience at the dentist!

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