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CandidPro Clear Aligners – Little Rock, AR

Subtly Shift to a New Smile

Having a crooked smile can radically impact the way that you feel about yourself, and having one fixed can be lifechanging. But many people, especially adults, are made uncomfortable by the prospect of a mouth full of metal.

If that rings true for you, you may be happy to hear that CandidPro Clear Aligners from the team here at Little Rock Family Dental Care can help you to subtly shift to a new smile. Give us a call, and we’ll let you know how.

Why Choose Little Rock Family Dental Care for CandidPro?

How CandidPro Works

Dentist showing someone a clear aligner

Similar to braces, CandidPro aligners move the teeth by applying gentle pressure to them over the course of about a year. This is done via the use of clear plastic trays that are worn on the teeth. Over the course of treatment we’ll provide you with dozens of trays that get progressively tighter until your teeth are in their ideal position.

These trays have the benefit of being freely removable, though it’s recommended that you wear them for around 22 hours a day, only taking them off to eat and to clean them.

Indications for CandidPro

Clear aligner held next to someone’s mouth

CandidPro aligners are best-suited to addressing mild or moderate alignment issues more discreetly than is possible with traditional braces. Examples of such problems include:

Close-up on crooked teeth

Crowded Teeth

Teeth that overlap or are crammed too close together can create crowding, which one of the things people think of when they use the word “crooked smile.” CandidPro aligners can gently push teeth apart.

Close-up on gapped teeth

Gaps Between Teeth

Just as irritating as teeth that are too close together are those that are too far apart. Gapped teeth can make a massive impact on how you look to others, and CandidPro aligners can push them back together.

3D render of an overbite

Bite Alignment

Most people have a mild overbite or underbite, but in severe cases, this can negatively impact both the look of your smile and the health of your jaw. Via moving the teeth together, clear aligners can address some moderate bite alignment issues.

The Benefits of CandidPro 

Someone with a straight smile

Provided that they’ll be able to address your core issues, there are many reasons to pick CandidPro over traditional braces. For one, the treatment time is usually shorter—only 12 to 18 months. The trays are also removable before meals, which means easier cleaning and no need for the dietary restrictions associated with braces. On top of all that, the sleek design of the plastic aligners makes them more comfortable to wear than braces.

Understanding the Cost of CandidPro

Money next to a dental x-ray

While most people have heard of clear aligner orthodontics at this point, they often know a little bit less about them than they do traditional braces. Even those who have looked into the treatment may not be as familiar with CandidPro as opposed to other brands.

As a consequence, you might not really know what to expect from the cost of your CandidPro treatment. If you’re trying to budget for care, here’s some information that may help you to do that.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of CandidPro 

Closeup of a crooked smile

One of the main merits of CandidPro is that it can be customized to your unique needs. While that makes it a much more effective treatment, it also means that it’s difficult to say for sure what your aligner treatment will cost without actually meeting you first.

The cost of your treatment will depend on a few factors. The more severe your misalignment is, the more trays that you’ll need to fix your teeth. It might also take longer to repair your smile if you’re lax with your treatment guidelines, as this will usually mean longer treatment times and higher costs.

CandidPro VS Mail-in Aligners: Which Costs More?

Clear tray in a container

If you’ve done your research on clear aligner treatment, you might have looked into mail-in aligners. There are companies that claim to be able to offer results comparable to what you’d get from your dentist entirely from your own home. In many circumstances, these treatments are also much cheaper than what you’d get from us.

However, it’s important to note that mail-in aligners present substantial risks. Without the intervention of a professional, it can be difficult to determine whether your aligners fit and function properly. This problem is compounded by the fact that taking impressions yourself is difficult, and it can be easy to make mistakes that you don’t notice immediately. For this reason, it’s common for people to wind up with sup-par results, or even to find that their teeth are in worse condition after the treatment than they were before it. Even if mail-in aligners look like the cheaper option, you might find that you spend more in the long run just trying to undo the results.

Does Dental Insurance Cover CandidPro?

Dental insurance on the table

Whether you’ll be able to get coverage for your orthodontic treatment depends a lot on the particulars of your plan, with some paying for them while others do not. Even in the cases where orthodontics generally is covered, CandidPro and other clear aligners may not be. It is therefore critically important to check with your dental plan before undergoing treatment.

Options for Making CandidPro Affordable

Coins next to a piggy bank

Given that you can’t always count on dental insurance to pay for your CandidPro treatment, you may have to pursue other options in order to make your care a little bit more affordable. You’ll be happy to learn that we are currently offering free CandidPro consultations, meaning that you have nothing to lose if you want to learn more about the treatment.

You may also be interested in pursuing financing options. They can make the care that you receive from us much more budget-friendly by splitting the cost of your dental care across several months.

We’ll be happy to talk to you about the financial options available to you when we meet you in person, so if you’re curious, feel free to give us a call and take advantage of your free consultation!

CandidPro Clear Aligners FAQs

Happy dental patient holding CandidPro clear aligner

If you are ready to get started on your path to a straighter, healthier smile, our Little Rock team is eager to assist you. Before you book your CandidPro consultation, however, you might want to learn more about the experience that awaits you. Below, you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions about this service. If your specific questions are not included here, reach out to us directly. We will be happy to talk with you!

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What Does CandidPro Look Like?

CandidPro aligners are made of thin, clear plastic. Outside the mouth, they look similar to a custom tray that you might use for teeth whitening. When they are on the teeth, however, they have a very subtle appearance. They are not totally invisible; if onlookers are close, they may notice that your teeth look a bit bigger than usual and have a clear barrier around them. However, they are not the first thing that other people will notice about you.

Keep in mind that CandidPro aligners can incur stains if they do not receive proper care. Our team can give you tips to keep your treatment looking as good as possible.

Does CandidPro Hurt?

CandidPro aligners are designed to rest comfortably against your gums and other oral tissues. However, keep in mind that orthodontic treatment only works because it applies pressure to the teeth. Naturally, that can cause a degree of discomfort. To minimize any feelings of unpleasantness, you should:

  • Switch to a new aligner at night so you can sleep through the initial part of the adjustment process.
  • Sip on cold water.
  • Take OTC pain relievers as necessary.

What if My CandidPro Broke?

If your aligner has some hairline cracks, you might be able to continue using it. You will just need to be extra careful when taking it in and out of your mouth. If the damage is more severe, give us a call. We might advise you to go back to wearing a previous aligner while we order a replacement for the one that is no longer usable. Alternatively, we might recommend that you switch to your next aligner a few days earlier than you planned.

Can You Eat with CandidPro?

CandidPro aligners are removable, so you should take them out of your mouth at mealtimes. You should never eat while wearing them. The food could cause your aligners to warp, incur stains, or collect odors. They might even get damaged to the point where they are no longer usable. There is also the chance that you could put extra pressure on your teeth and cause them to crack.

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