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Top 10 Super Food & Drinks For Oral Health

October 28, 2014

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Some of the foods are delicious and some of them are not so tasty, but here’s a list of food and drinks that keep your oral health in check.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is excellent for your oral health because of its sticky nature. By taking a tablespoon of coconut oil and swishing it around for mouth for 15-20 minutes you are collecting all of the bacteria in your mouth that otherwise would stay there after a brisk brushing. The oil helps fight against biofilm which can collect on your teeth and cause tooth decay or gum disease.


Eucalyptus is great for fighting internal membrane inflammation. If you are suffering from irritated gums or swollen lining on the inside of your mouth, rubbing eucalyptus on them will help ease the swelling and return your soft tissue back to normal. Additionally, eucalyptus strengthens teeth in their sockets and helps fight against plaque and tartar build up.


Water is always a natural choice for all things healthful. Drinking water helps fight plaque buildups, gingivitis, and it can even help with bad breath as a result of dry mouth. Water is great, so drink up!


The obvious choice for dental health has traditionally been milk since it’s rich in calcium, but it is also high in vitamin D and phosphates which help teeth restore their natural enamel.


Yogurt is fantastic for your oral health because of the high amounts of protein and calcium it contains. Another added bonus is that the bacteria in yogurt is good for digestive health and can leave your stomach feeling happy and healthy.


Cheese is good for not only the calcium that’s in it, but also for its ability to help neutralize acids. Cheese also promotes saliva production to help flush away bad bacteria.

Red Wine

One that you naturally wouldn’t assume would be wine. The bacteria in red wine is known to fight against the germs that lead to gum disease. Do yourself a favor and enjoy that glass of wine tonight for your health (wink, wink).

Dark Chocolate

The same tannins that exist in red wine to help fight against blood clots and gum disease are also in dark chocolate. They also fight against gum soreness and tooth corrosion.


Not only are apples delicious, but they’re just like brushing your teeth twice. The natural fibers of the apple scrub your teeth and get into the spaces that you miss when brushing.


Even though oranges are acidic, they are known to get between the spaces of your teeth and really clean them up. The reason for this is the stringy nature of their composition. So sit back and savor the taste of an orange as you ”floss.”

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