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How 3D Digital Imaging is Revolutionizing Dentistry

January 11, 2018

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The use of technology in dental practices allows for dentists to be on the cutting edge of changes in the industry. Digital imaging, in particular, has benefited from advances that give dental professionals a better idea of the issues patients might have and better diagnose treatment.

At Little Rock Family Dental Care, we offer digital radiography using the PlanMeca® ProMax® 3D Mid which gives our team more effective imagery for all your dental needs. Take a look below at some of the reasons 3D digital imaging has benefits over traditional X-rays and some ways in which it goes beyond the typical imaging most people associate with their trip to the dentist.

Benefits of 3D Digital Imaging

Many people think about the way dentistry used to be when they go for their visit. They might think pain and invasive processes, such as the way X-rays used to be, is in their future. However, 3D digital imaging takes some of the inconvenience out of the process by providing a less frustrating, fast process to looking at the imagery necessary to diagnose and treat dental problems. And, if you’re coming for a routine checkup, the digital radiography used in appointments makes it easier to see your teeth and entire jaw as opposed to shadowy images you might be used to in traditional radiography.

In addition to ease of use and higher quality images produced, 3D digital imaging offers the following benefits:

  • Lower radiation – The radiation required for digital radiography is less than that of traditional X-rays, exposing you to fewer harmful radioactive rays.
  • Versatile imagery – Digital imagery from 3D technology allows not only for diagnosing problems such as cavities, but identifying other issues as well.
  • More flexible imagery – Panoramic images are easy to do through the 3D digital imaging process, making better use of not only the patient’s time, but the dental team’s time, too.
  • More comfortable process – Traditional X-rays often meant biting down on plastic in your mouth, which can be uncomfortable and poke at your gums and cheeks. You can skip this hassle with 3D digital imaging!

What Can 3D Digital Imaging Do?

Dentists are often associated only with tooth problems, but did you know they can help with other issues like sleep apnea, TMJ, and other diagnoses? 3D digital imaging can pave the way towards diagnosing and treating for a number of problems you might not think of when you make your trip to the dentist. Diseases like bone cancer, tumors, cysts, tooth decay, and fractured teeth can all show up through digital imaging, all ailments missed in traditional X-rays.

Even if your dentist is not able to treat the problems they find, such as with cancer, they can identify the issues and recommend next steps with other professionals.

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Read our 3D Digital Imaging FAQ! If you have questions about 3D digital imaging or want to schedule your next appointment, contact the experienced team at Little Rock Family Dental Care today!

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