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Little Rock Teeth Whitening with GLO Science

At Little Rock Family Dental Care, we are excited to offer GLO Science teeth whitening to our patients, both in our office and through a take home kit system! Whether used in combination or individually, our dual whitening system offers great results and minimal to no teeth sensitivity following treatment.

For best results, we recommend dual whitening, combining the Chairside Kit and Take Home Kit into your teeth whitening plan.

GLO Science Chairside Teeth Whitening Kit

Great for:

  • Regular touch ups – Set your appointment and have our skilled staff whiten your teeth when it works for your schedule.
  • Faster results – The Chairside Kit uses stronger peroxide, giving you effective results, less sensitivity than other treatment plans, and a white smile in less time.


GLO Science Take Home Kit

Great for:

  • Convenience – Whiten your teeth on your own time!
  • Affordability – When used by itself, the Take Home Kit offers great results at a good price point.


Contact us today to learn how the GLO Science teeth whitening system can work for you!

Little Rock Teeth Whitening Appointment