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3D Dental Imaging Little Rock

PlanMeca ProMax 3D Mid

At Little Rock Family Dental Care, our office strives to be on the cutting edge of technology, utilizing scientifically proven technology to provide patients with long-term results. The newest addition to our office is the PlanMeca® ProMax® 3D Mid digital radiography machine.

Not only does this high-tech imaging machine drastically reduce the amount of radiation associated with traditional x-rays, but it also provides a more comprehensive view of our patients’ teeth, mouth, and jaw. Our new system allows us to take the x-rays without having to insert anything into our patients mouth—that means no more gagging! This has been proven to be more comfortable for our patients while exposing our patients to 80% LESS radiation than conventional methods used in the past.

The digital images the system provides are of the highest quality and can help us diagnose problem areas more easily. The doctors at Little Rock Family Dental Care recommend taking new x-rays once or twice each year for the best results.

The ProMax 3D Mid offers 2D and 3D imaging with a wide range of different volume sizes. The different volume sizes are ideal for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics as well as dental and maxillofacial surgery.

With the ProMax 3D Mid, our doctors can see a 3D image of now only your teeth, but your entire jaw, even all the way up to the chewing muscles that connect to the skull.

Using this incredible technology, we can get a complete picture of your mouth in 3D, allowing us to make the best and most informed decisions concerning your treatment. Remember, all of this is done with maximum comfort and NO gagging!

Please call or visit Little Rock Family Dental Care today if you are interested in learning more about the no-gag PlanMeca ProMax 3D Mid and how it can benefit you.