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Little Rock Dentures

At Little Rock Family Dental Care, we offer a number of services to restore your smile. With the addition of denture services, our offices continue to grow and provide high-quality dental care for patients throughout West, Southwest, and Midtown Little Rock. Our Midtown location even has an in-house Denture Lab where Buddy, our denture specialist, can offer same-day denture realigns and repairs!

What Do Dentures Do?

Tooth loss is preventable but common, especially as adults age. Common causes include certain medicines or poor dental habits. However, regardless of the circumstances that led to you losing some (or all) of your adult teeth, our team is here and ready to help.

Dentures help people who have lost their teeth eat, speak, and smile the way they used to. Additionally, dentures restore your facial structure to avoid the “sunken in” look that can occur when teeth are extracted or lost due to a medical issue or other problems.

Our trusted dentists and staff have the experience and compassion necessary to make you feel comfortable when you decide to have impressions for dentures.

The Process Of Getting Dentures

When you set up your appointment to get fitted for dentures, you typically will arrive at our office early in the morning to make impressions, have extractions completed, and receive dentures by the end of the day. Six months after your initial appointment, you’ll be ready for your final denture! This denture locks into place, unlike removable dentures most people think of when they determine they might need to have them.

Once your final dentures are in place, you’ll no longer have to worry about speaking, eating, or smiling. You’ll feel confident that your dentures will last for many years to come and allow you to maintain good oral hygiene in a simple, effective manner.

Tips for New Dentures

  • Your mouth might feel weird in the first few weeks following denture placement, but that is normal! You might also develop some sore spots about 24 hours after you have new dentures placed. A readjustment might be necessary for the first set of temporary dentures, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have this issue.
  • Having temporary dentures placed usually increases the flow of saliva for a few days, but you may or may not notice. Swallow more often and become determined to learn to use the denture. Rinsing with cold water occasionally and dissolving a hard candy or mint in the mouth will help make your mouth feel fresher.
  • Dentures can be dislodged simply by sneezing and coughing which creates abnormally high air pressure against the dentures. Simply place your hand over your mouth when sneezing, coughing, or yawning.
  • Practice your word pronunciation by speaking out loud at home. You may find that practicing in front of a mirror increases your confidence quicker.

Maintaining Your Dentures

Maintaining your dentures so they will last a long time is simple after your final fitting. We suggest using a water pick two times a day for the most effective cleaning. We also recommend cleanings twice a year at one of our three Little Rock dental offices to keep your dentures in the best shape.

If you have questions about dentures or any of our other services, contact the experienced dentists at Little Rock Family Dental today!

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