Full Dentures for a New Smile

By May 8, 2019 May 15th, 2019 Dentures

Our Rodney Parham location works alongside our Markham location to relieve pain, restore function, and raise confidence for our patients! Watch the video above to see how Danny got his smile back in no time with full dentures. 🦷 Thanks for sharing your story Danny!

Video transcription:

Well I’ve been in recovery for about two and a half years. I had a car wreck when I was a teenager and broke a bunch of teeth and had it redone. It was giving me a lot of issues. It looked horrible. It affected my eating. It’s affected my speech and I talk on the phone for a living. You can’t eat broke teeth and no teeth and it definitely affects the smile in your self-esteem. I call on a Tuesday, I came in on Wednesday that afternoon and finally they had my dentures made and Saturday morning I was in a chair he was taking them out. When I came in in the very beginning and filled out my paperwork Robbie came out and introduced herself to me and told me, you know, “It’s gonna be okay. We’ll get you back and we’ll get you taken care of; we’ll get you fixed up. And you know she was very accommodating made me feel very comfortable about being here. And the lady that took all the x-rays, I know it was a hard time for because, bite wings with no teeth? It’s almost impossible to do and she was very gentle with me, took her time with me and, you know, she did complete workup and then when Dr. Scott he came back, I mean, I loved him. He looked at my mouth and he’s like, “we’re gonna get you some teeth man, we can fix this.” I was like, thank you God, this is what i’ve been prayin for. He left out of room, came back a few minutes later and said, “hey, what do you got going on this afternoon man?” Me? nothing. “Go to the other office to get fitted for dentures.” So I just went and they were very helpful over there to me – very accommodating. They expected me, knew I was coming and they took care of me. It has been life changing not just the fact that I can eat things that have never been able to eat before. I shouldn’t say befor, but in a long time. I mean, you forget what food tastes like. It made a world of difference to me. Completely changed everything about how I feel about myself and I’ve got a wonderful woman that loves me to death and I’m getting married like I said in a couple of months and this was a big thing for me to be able to want to smile at my wedding. But she loved me whether I had my teeth or not and she just like “you look so fantastic” and affects me. So many people tell me “you look so great man. They look fabulous. I’m so happy for you.” Everybody asked me where did you get it done at? Little Rock Family Dental Care. Fantastic! I mean, look what they did for me?